The Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation is a non-profit charity organization founded by Professor Raymond HS Liang from the Haematology/Oncology Division of Queen Mary Hospital. The Foundation has invited Ms Chan Po Chu as Honorary Ambassador. We treat blood cancer with a positive attitude and perseverance. To us, every patient is a human individual with a unique set of needs. We are dedicated to providing them with the best support possible and we strive to improve the quality of life for both the blood cancer patients and their families. Our mission can be summed up in four branches:
1) The Foundation supports medical research projects, especially those with special reference to the unique pattern of blood cancer observed in Hong Kong. The effort aims to acquire new scientific knowledge and to identify previously unknown causative agents of blood cancer. This may result in effective prevention of some types of blood cancer in the future.
2) The Foundation supports technological developments, aiming to provide early and accurate diagnosis of blood cancer. Molecular tools may be utilized to monitor patients' follow-up treatments for blood cancer. These can help provide detection of disease relapse and the design of optimal treatment for individual patients.
3) The Foundation supports rapid introduction of effective state-of-the-art treatments for blood cancer to Hong Kong. This avoids delays that often arise because of limited public spending on hospital services. New treatments are often too expensive for the average patient.
4) The Foundation supports the provision of better support services to patients and their families. Comprehensive counseling programs and hotline services may be provided to cater to the socio-psychological needs of patients and their loved ones. Every effort is made to give specific attention to different categories of patients, including school children, adolescents, mothers, family breadwinners, single-parent families and elderly patients without family support.

Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation Members :
Honorary Ambassador
Ms Chan Po Chu
The Committee
Mrs Linda Kuk Lam
Vice-chairman (Medical Affairs)
Professor Raymond HS Liang
Chair Professor, Division of Haematology / Oncology, HKU
Vice-chairman (External Affairs)
Mr Yee Chung Man
Vice-chairman (Internal Affairs)
Mr Joel Chu